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I had written a lot in this entry, but Chrome decided to be an asshole and then crashed, and LJ didn't save anything (thank you for that too, LJ)

Anyway. This is a post/picspam about one of my favorite things: Women's handball and the Spanish team in particular. Let me tell you a bit about them. They're called "las Guerreras Olímpicas" (the Olympic Warriors, in English) and it's a great name because it's what they do, they fight.

Long story short (it was longer in the first entry -_-) they started losing against Korea, then tied against France, and then they started winning... which earn them a place in the semifinals. Sadly, they couldn't win. It was sad, but not *that* sad because, you know what? It was the first time that Spain got the women's handball team to the Olympics, so they were pretty excited just being able to play there. Still, they fought till the end.

But enough talk, let's go to the pictures.

This girl here... she's Eli Pinedo. She's #17, and she happens to be my favorite.

The team fought in every one of the games they played.

And it’s where I discovered how awesome violent this game could be.

They fought both in the defense...

... and in the attacks.

I just love how they shot to score, okay? It makes me think of 300 and the Spartans.

This is Silvia Navarro, one of the awesome goalkeepers we have. We owe her a lot.

Sadly, accidents happen. Carmen Martín got badly injured playing against Sweden and they had to replace her in the team...

She went to visit her teammates :’) Aw, Carmen.

Some games were won...

And others were lost...

Silvia cried when we lost the semifinal against Montenegro...

It was sad.

But they’re fighters, and more importantly... they’re a team.

And being badass as they were, they still had to fight for the bronze medal.

Korea was their first and last game.

So they knew their "enemy".


And they celebrated.

And kept celebrating...

And tears were shed, but this time they were happy.

The girl in the left is Jessica and I just want to hug her.

Eli looked so pretty, didn’t she?

They even celebrated with a spanish flag! (Although Eli was wearing one from the Basque country, where she’s from, lol)

(And how terrible were their clothes?)

Really, guys, I can’t tell you how happy I was when they won. I couldn’t believe it, because the last game against Korea was agonizing. They had two... overtimes? (Is that how you call them?) and they almost went to the penalty shots. That, let me tell you, would have killed me. I think I lost a few years of my life thanks to this last game... BUT THEY WON! (And I was wearing my awesome and official blue shirt that they were... the first official t-shirt I’ve owned from any sport)
I just love them, okay? And I miss the Olympics sooooo much :( BRING THEM BACK, PLEASE.

... And now because I can, I bring you the...

+ Gratuitous "I love Eli Pinedo" extra pictures

“And this is a ball.”

I love how friendly they look between them. LE SIGH.

That was all for now, flist. I doubt you'll care about this picspam, but yeah... lol.
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