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I don't like to do this, but I think it's needed. I'm doing a friends cut.

So, the reason for this friends cut is that Livejournal tells me I have 137 friends and I highly doubt all of those are 1. active 2. interested… I want to start using LJ more and I don't feel like having that many "friends" with who I have basically zero contact… it doesn't feel right.

Now, I'm going to start by cutting the people who are no longer active on Livejournal, but if you'd wish to stay and we haven't had contact in a while, I'd like for you to say something here. If we've been talking and stuff… no need to worry, really.
I won't start cutting active people yet, I'll wait a few days to make sure people have read this and probably I'll write another entry (I apologize in advance, flist!) But yeah… this is it.
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I’ve started the friends cut. I’m not enjoying it, but I know that it’s necessary. For now, I’ve only cut abandoned LJs and that kind of stuff but now I’m going to start with the not!abandoned ones… *awkard*

If you can’t see THIS entry, it means that I cut you. If you think I made a mistake and you want to stay, drop me a line here or something (comments are screened)
As I said the other day, I’m doing this cause I don’t spend enough time here in LJ to get to know all the people I have in my flist… It's personal, but not *that* personal. Nothing against you!


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